Smartphone Tele-Dermatology Service

Delivering the high-end dermatology service to people in remote area who have no access to the service

Project start date : 06/01/2015

Beneficiary country : Mongolia

Healthcare themes targeted

  • Dermatology

Fields of application

  • Health professional training
  • Telemedicine (remote diagnosis and consultations)
  • Patient monitoring and medical data

Stage of development

  • Routine project/operational

Financing method

  • NGO

Area where the project is utilised

  • National (in one country only)

Economic model(s)

  • Donations

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals and structures (hospitals, healthcare centres/clinics, health networks)
  • Entire population

Project objectives

  • Reduced suffering
  • Improved treatment

Materials used

  • Smartphone

Technologies used

  • Internet

About the sponsor

Dermatology Department Of Mongolian National University of Medical Science

The institution known as the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences was founded in 1942 as the Medical Faculty of the Mongolian State University. This marked the beginning of the history of modern medical science and practice in Mongolia.

Sector : Academic entities (Universities, research laboratories, etc)

Country of origin : Mongolia

Contact : Sponsor website Project website

Offline use


Open source


Open data


Independent evaluation

Yes, auto-evaluated or evaluated by a related organization