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A French charitable foundation recognised by the decree of 6 April 1999 published in the Journal Officiel of 8 April 1999, with headquarters at 15 rue Théron Périé (81100) Castres, France (telephone number: 05 63 83 12 90/fax 05 63 83 13 90/email:


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The “” website (hereinafter “the Website”) is the property of the Fondation Pierre Fabre (hereinafter “the Foundation”).

These “Terms of Use” set forth the terms and conditions for accessing and using the website of the E-health Observatory for Southern countries at the initiative of the Fondation Pierre Fabre.

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These Terms of Use may be modified at any time without notice.


This Website was created to provide users with information on the E-health Observatory for Southern countries, including its organisation, project developers and initiatives identified and listed through active monitoring. The Website does not constitute a binding contract.


The content of the Website respects current legal requirements and the Foundation is prohibited from posting violent, pornographic or slanderous information and/or unlawful content, including racist, xenophobic, or paedophilic content or content that may infringe on the rights of third parties and/or human dignity in any way.

Nevertheless, the Foundation does not guarantee that the information on the Website is accurate, up-to-date, or complete. Customers are hereby advised that, due to the great quantity of information processed, the Website may contain inaccuracies, omissions or typographical errors. The Foundation will correct these errors as soon as possible once they become aware of them or once the errors are reported to them. In any case, consulting the Website does not exempt the user from independently confirming the information published on the Website.

The Fondation Pierre Fabre can in no way be held liable for consequences arising from a user’s consultation or interpretation of information provided on its Website.

More specifically, the Fondation Pierre Fabre cannot be held liable for:

– damage resulting directly or indirectly from visiting the Website or using information published on the Website, including any financial or commercial loss or loss of programmes or data in any computer system, even if the Foundation has been advised of the potential for such damage;

– damage that may result from consulting other websites via hyperlinks on the Observatory website. The user is solely responsible for his or her internet browsing activity, including when using links placed on the Observatory Website, as these links are provided for information purposes only. In addition, the Foundation provides no guarantees concerning the information posted on these websites and assumes no responsibility for their content;

– hyperlinks linking to this Website. Any creation by a third party of hyperlinks to the Foundation Website or any of its pages requires prior authorisation from the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to require that any such hyperlink be removed.

Moreover, the Foundation cannot be held responsible if the user is unable to access the Website.

The Foundation also reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of the Website, whether temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion, without notice or compensation of any kind. The Foundation will not be held liable under any circumstances for any modification, discontinuation, suspension or interruption of the Website’s operation.


All written copy available on the Website is the exclusive property of the Fondation Pierre Fabre. Photographs and images on the Website are used with the agreement of the respective rightholders for those photographs and images and must be credited as appropriate.

A user may download and/or print the content available on the Website exclusively for private use for non-commercial purposes, without changing any references to intellectual property rights and making sure that the following statement is reproduce on every copy: “This document comes from the E-health Observatory for Southern countries website. ( All rights reserved.”

Any use other than the uses mentioned above is prohibited without prior written authorisation from the Fondation Pierre Fabre.


No personal data is collected on the Website without the user’s knowledge.

The Foundation is required to collect certain information, such as a user’s searches, over the course of a user’s browsing on the Website, but this information is used for statistical purposes only and remains anonymous.

If, however, a user wishes to communicate with the Fondation Pierre Fabre, he or she may fill in the contact form, providing specific personal data.

Use of such personal data is subject to the provisions of Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, on data processing, data files, and individual liberties. Thus, persons whose personal data have been collected or processed via the Foundation’s website have a right to access, modify and/or request deletion of this personal data, which can be done by sending a written, signed request to the administrative headquarters of the Fondation Pierre Fabre, by post (in Doyse Domaine Route de Saint Sulpice, 81500 Lavaur, France) or email (

These data will be kept and used only for purposes of communication with the user and will not be transmitted to third parties without prior user consent. Emails sent to the Foundation will be saved on IT support during the period during which the user’s personal data is being utilised.


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Website visitors who do not want their data used by by the statistical software the Website uses (Google Analytics) can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.


These Terms of Use are subject to French law.
Failing an amicable settlement, the French courts have jurisdiction to settle any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of these Terms of Use. Courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeals are the sole courts having jurisdiction over any such disputes.


Recognized as being of public utility since 1999, the Pierre Fabre Foundation works to provide populations in developing countries with better access to medicines and quality care. Its five areas of intervention are the training of healthcare professionals, the fight against sickle cell disease, access to healthcare for vulnerable populations, e-health and dermatology. In 2023, the Foundation ran 35 programs in 21 countries in Africa, South-East Asia, Lebanon and Haiti.

They are committed to our cause

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