Zero Mothers Die

Using mobile technology to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies

Project start date : 01/09/2014

Beneficiary country : Ghana Mali Gabon Nigeria

Healthcare themes targeted

  • Mother and child health

Fields of application

  • Health professional training
  • Information, education and communication for behaviour change (IEC)
  • Patient monitoring and medical data

Stage of development

  • Pilot project/testing/trials

Financing method

  • Private (private investors, crowdfunding, philanthropy, etc.)
  • NGO
  • Intergovernmental or international agency

Area where the project is utilised

  • International (in several countries)

Economic model(s)

  • Donations

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals and structures (hospitals, healthcare centres/clinics, health networks)
  • Pregnant women
  • Young children (0-5 years)

Project objectives

  • Decreased mortality
  • Reduced suffering
  • Improved treatment

Materials used

  • Cellular (mobile) phone
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Computer

Technologies used

  • Mobile telecommunications (without data connection)
  • Internet
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5, etc.)

About the sponsor

Zero Mothers Die Association

Zero Mothers Die (ZMD) is a Swiss association founded by three international foundations: Advanced Development for Africa, Fondation Millennia2025 Femmes et Innovation, and the Universal Doctor Project, with support from UNAIDS to consolidate access to healthcare information and contact between pregnant women and maternal healthcare professionals, using new communication technology.

Sector : Institutions (Communities, public authorities, NGOs, foundations, etc.)

Country of origin : Switzerland

Contact : Sponsor website Project website

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    Industrial (Startups, enterprises, etc.)

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