Mise en place de LabBook à Madagascar

As part of the network of laboratories RESAMAD has set up a LabBook, which is a free, computerised laboratory management system developed by the Mérieux Foundation

Project start date : 01/01/2015

Beneficiary country : Madagascar

Healthcare themes targeted

  • Infectious diseases

Fields of application

  • Health professional training
  • Patient monitoring and medical data

Stage of development

  • Pilot project/testing/trials

Financing method

  • Public (grant/subsidies, call for proposals/call for tender, etc.)
  • Private (private investors, crowdfunding, philanthropy, etc.)

Area where the project is utilised

  • National (in one country only)

Economic model(s)

  • Revenue generated by the beneficiaries/healthcare facilities

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals and structures (hospitals, healthcare centres/clinics, health networks)

Project objectives

  • Improved treatment

Materials used

  • Computer

Technologies used

  • Other (please specify)

About the sponsor

Bureau de Madagascar, Fondation Mérieux

Established in 1967, the Mérieux Foundation is an independent family foundation, chaired by Alain Mérieux and recognised to be of public interest. Its mission is to contribute to global health by strengthening the local capacities of developing countries, and to reduce the impact of infectious diseases that affect vulnerable populations, especially mothers and children. Having been active in Madagascar since 2006, the Mérieux Foundation contributes to improving access to care for vulnerable people and to improved biological diagnosis by supporting regional laboratories. This is carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, through the laboratory development department and the Charles Mérieux Infectiology Centre, hosted by the University of Antananarivo. It participates in training health professionals in the field of research and clinical trials. The Foundation also supports local associations fighting poverty in the country, such as Father Pedro Opeka’s Akamasoa (“Good Friends”) Association.

Sector : Institutions (Communities, public authorities, NGOs, foundations, etc.)

Country of origin : Madagascar

Contact : Sponsor website Project website

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Open source


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Independent evaluation



  • Fondation Mérieux Lyon

    Institutions (Communities, public authorities, NGOs, foundations, etc.)