Better target those disease at-risk groups and promptly link them to appropriate health services

Project start date : 01/01/2019

Beneficiary country : Rwanda Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

Healthcare themes targeted

  • Primary healthcare
  • Infectious diseases
  • Access to quality medicines/pharmacies

Fields of application

  • Health professional training
  • Telemedicine (remote diagnosis and consultations)
  • Patient monitoring and medical data
  • Other(s) (specify)

Stage of development

  • Pilot project/testing/trials

Financing method

  • Public (grant/subsidies, call for proposals/call for tender, etc.)
  • Private (private investors, crowdfunding, philanthropy, etc.)
  • Government agency (USAID, etc.)

Area where the project is utilised

  • International (in several countries)

Economic model(s)

  • Income generated by beneficiaries
  • Subsidies
  • Sales of data analysis
  • Donations

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals and structures (hospitals, healthcare centres/clinics, health networks)
  • Entire population
  • Sick people
  • Other

Project objectives

  • Decreased mortality
  • Decreased morbidity
  • Reduced suffering
  • Improved treatment
  • Other (please explain)

Materials used

  • Smartphone
  • Computer

Technologies used

  • Mobile telecommunications (without data connection)
  • Internet
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5, etc.)

About the sponsor


Savics was founded in 2016 to help save many lives. In low and middle income countries, many people still die from preventable causes. We are on a mission to support health systems in finding, treating and preventing diseases in these countries. We do this by developing software and offering services that address gaps in the patient care journey, and strengthen the capacity of health teams to deliver quality care and improve the efficiency of their operations.
We believe that we can save many lives by helping health teams to move their operations from paper-based to digital data management. When data is available, health leaders can target those who need care the most, with the right services. With data, they can increase the speed of patient management and reduce the cost of care.

Sector : Healthcare (professionals and structures)

Country of origin :

Contact : Sponsor website Project website

Offline use


Open source


Open data


Independent evaluation

Yes, auto-evaluated or evaluated by a related organization


  • Ministère de la Santé du Burundi

    Healthcare (professionals and structures)

  • Tenke Fungurume (Mining Company) DRC

    Industrial (Startups, enterprises, etc.)

  • KU Leuven

    Academic entities (Universities, research laboratories, etc)

  • InnovIris Belgium

    Industrial (Startups, enterprises, etc.)

  • Ambassadeurs de Lutte Contre la Tuberculose au Sud Kivu- (ALTB)

    Institutions (Communities, public authorities, NGOs, foundations, etc.)

  • Rwanda Biomedical Center

    Institutions (Communities, public authorities, NGOs, foundations, etc.)

  • DRC

    Industrial (Startups, enterprises, etc.)