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Universal mobile and web application which allows everyone to register their previous or current health condition on their personal user account

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Baalal is a non-political, non-denominational, non-profit, humanitarian and professional NGO that intervenes both in humanitarian emergencies and in local development in rural areas, while developing social innovations.

Sector: Organizational: Communities, public authorities, NGOs, associations, foundations, etc.

Country of origin: Guinea

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Initiative overview

Healthcare themes targeted

  • Mother and child health
  • Primary healthcare
  • Nutrition
  • Malaria/paludism
  • Infectious diseases
  • Access to quality medicines/pharmacies
  • Vaccination
  • Emergency services

Stage of development:

  • Routine project/operational

Area where initiative is utilised

  • National (in one country only)

Initiative start date

  • 06/03/2019


Financing method

  • Private (private investors, crowdfunding, philanthropy, etc.)

Economic model(s)

  • Income generated by beneficiaries

About the initiative

The global care of patients can be limited by a lack of knowledge and information on their health condition (current, or past).

This application allows users to overcome these problems by providing information on their individual health status and thus granting access via any tool on the application no matter where they are.

Mon Carnet de santé is a digital application adapted to phones, tablets and computers which conserve, centralise and secure all health-related information of the patients. It works on mobile phones and online and is available on Play store and Google Play (Android, Apple, Windows).

It is a reminder for doctors and patients allowing many human lives to be saved. The patient creates an account protected by a password which prevents unauthorised access.  On arriving at the hospital, the doctor can open the patients account via their phone or their computer, if the patient gives their consent, and this will give the doctor attending to the patient an overall idea of their health condition, facilitating the doctor's work and the emergency care.

For example, the user can note their blood type, blood pressure, allergies, vaccination record, etc. Among other things, this application allows the user to:

  • Keep their health information online;
  • Share their health information with doctors:
  • Have access to information concerning pharmaceutical products;
  • Receive prescriptions without having to travel;
  • Save their previous prescriptions, examination reports, etc.;
  • Reminder ringtone for products or appointments, even when offline;
  • Pregnant women can also note the development of their pregnancy, receive reminders for their appointments and prenatal consultations as well as vaccination follow-up appointments.

This application also offers the possibility to send an automatic message to the heads of various women's rights NGOs in Guinea in the event of rape or sexual assault.

Mon Carnet de santé responds to the needs of the Guinea population by offering access to quality medical care facilitated with tailor-made prescriptions.

Fields of application:

Health professional training - Information, education and communication for behaviour change (IEC) - Patient monitoring and medical data

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals and structures (hospitals, healthcare centres/clinics, health networks)
  • Entire population
  • Sick people
  • Dependents/persons with disabilities
  • Pregnant women
  • Children - adolescents (ages 6-18)
  • Young children (0-5 years)
  • Patient family/entourage

Initiative objectives

  • Decreased mortality
  • Reduced suffering
  • Improved treatment

Key figures

0 Number of beneficiaries since launch

Materials used

  • Cellular (mobile) phone
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Computer

Technologies used

  • Internet
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HTML5, etc.)

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Open Source


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Industrial: Startups, enterprises, etc.